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Abortion is essential health care

Wisconsin Examiner

March 25, 2020

"This week, the governors of Texas and Ohio banned abortion as “non-essential” health care." 

"As midwives, doctors, doulas and health care activists, we at Pregnancy Options Wisconsin can affirm that abortion health care is just as essential as health care for pregnancy and birth. During the shutdown of non-essential services in Wisconsin, pregnant people must be able to access all their legal and necessary pregnancy options." 

"A rational and evidence-based response to COVID-19 in Wisconsin would be to get rid of telemedicine abortion bans, 24-hour waiting periods and physician-only restrictions. This would immediately reduce pressures on clinics that provide essential services and reduce opportunities for illness transmission."


Introducing POWERS

The Capital City HUES

October 21, 2019

"302. The number of families that have trusted me to accompany them through pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum and newborn time. They allowed me to be their midwife — to help usher them into parenting, to help hold their baby to their chest, nurse them, love them, help them not only survive, but also to thrive. A
number of those families have been Black and Brown families, families of color, who face horrific birth disparities in the hospitals in Dane County."

"Some of my families, regardless of race, returned to me for care, years later, to seek medical counsel or emotional support after an abortion — or a pregnancy release, as some of us call it. I am lucky to be called to this work as a midwife, and I never forget the honor that it is to uphold the dignity and bodily autonomy of the families I serve."




Ingrid Andersson: The anniversary of the Hyde Amendment is a 'sinister day' in Wisconsin

The Cap Times

October 4, 2019

"Remember the Gothic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'? How a brilliant doctor, Henry Jekyll, drinks a serum that makes him turn into the sinister and ruthless Mr. Hyde? This week, you might be reminded of the story, because Sept. 30 was the 43rd anniversary of the sinister and ruthless Hyde Amendment." 


"In the words of then-Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, 'The Hyde Amendment is designed to deprive poor and minority women of the constitutional right to choose abortion.'"


Doula services play vital role - opinion

Wisconsin State Journal

August 26, 2019

"I was encouraged by thoughtful coverage of full-spectrum doula services in Wisconsin in the Aug. 9 State Journal article 'Group offers ‘abortion doulas.’' The new organization, POWERS, among others such as Maroon Calabash in Milwaukee, is a bold and hopeful step toward reproductive justice and community building in a society with huge inequalities in access to health care and an unjustifiable lack of bodily autonomy.

"The article correctly stated that 'abortion doulas can’t be with women during in-clinic abortions' at Planned Parenthood clinics. But abortion doulas are welcome to attend the entire procedure with their clients at Affiliated Medical Services in Milwaukee.

"As a doula, I have seen firsthand the importance of this continuity of care in improving both physical and emotional safety, as well as perceived experience of an event. Continuous presence and person-centered support from full-spectrum doulas are especially important for those folks who seek abortion out of desperation or necessity in a world where lives, relationships and systemic inequalities are complex and interwoven.

Every person deserves open-hearted, non-judgmental support that meets them where they are at."




POWERS on the 8am Buzz

WORT Radio

August 16, 2019


New Madison group offers 'abortion doulas,' supports pregnancy options

Wisconsin State Journal

August 9, 2019

"A new Madison-based group is offering “abortion doula” services and a pregnancy call line supporting all options for pregnant women, to counter crisis pregnancy centers that don’t support abortion, group leaders say.  The group — known as Pregnancy Options Wisconsin: Education, Resources and Support, or POWERS — includes a dozen doctors, nurses, midwives, activists and doulas, which are best known for providing emotional and physical comfort during births. The services are 'a way to say to all pregnant people in Wisconsin that they deserve all pregnancy options,' said Ingrid Andersson, a nurse midwife and a leader of the group. 'Their body is not a shame. Their body is not a problem. The problem is our government and culture, that make some health care hard to access for some people.'" 


POWERS on the 6pm Local News

WORT Radio

August 5, 2019


New network offers resources for all pregnancy options, including abortion

The Isthmus

August 1, 2019

"About two years ago, Ashley Hartman Annis had an abortion. While most may want to keep the choice of ending a pregnancy to themselves, she didn’t. 'I had a network of friends who I told that [the abortion] was happening and I invited them over throughout the process while I was passing the contents of conception,' says Hartman Annis. 'It was really important to have people around me who knew what was happening and knew what I was going through and were there to physically support me.'"




How can we support you?

The full spectrum of pregnancy options remains available in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic!


"There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, when Black trans and non-binary people

are marginalized, and when Black parents cannot raise their children in peace and free from fear."



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