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A Full-Spectrum Pregnancy Options Network Serving Wisconsin

updated 25 February 2020

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Pregnancy Options Wisconsin:

Education, Resources, & Support

A Full-Spectrum Pregnancy Options Network Serving Wisconsin

POWERS is not affiliated with any commercial, political, or religious group.  
We support you as the authority over your body and life.

Most human reproductive lives span thirty or more years. During this time, many of us experience pregnancy and birth. A third of us also experience pregnancy release, through miscarriage and/or abortion. All of these reproductive experiences deserve a full spectrum of health care options and support.
We BELIEVE that pregnant people know how best to respond to their pregnancies,
and that they have an absolute right to a full spectrum of options.
We HONOR a full spectrum of feelings within pregnancy experiences.
We COMMIT to assisting all pregnant people in our state to access the support,
information, services, and clinical care they need to make and act upon their decisions. 
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