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Pregnancy Options Wisconsin | Education, Resources, & Support is a volunteer organization. POWERS is not affiliated with any commercial, political, or religious group and supports all pregnant people as the authorities over their bodies and lives.  All donations to POWERS help pay for web and phone access, printing, supplies, and other operational services. 


We RECOGNIZE that pregnancy is among the most significant and life-changing
experiences that human beings can have.
We BELIEVE that pregnant people know how best to respond to their pregnancies,
and that they have an absolute right to a full spectrum of options.
We COMMIT to assisting all pregnant people in our state to access the support,
information, services, and clinical care they need to make and act upon their decisions. 

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The full spectrum of pregnancy options remains available in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic!


"There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, when Black trans and non-binary people

are marginalized, and when Black parents cannot raise their children in peace and free from fear."



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