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POWERS refers to adoption placement organizations that support all pregnancy options, including abortion and parenting. Services for pregnant people exploring or planning adoption are free.
On this page, we list adoption organizations that support pregnant people in making individualized and informed decisions and help them create an adoption plan that feels best for them. These organizations welcome single, unmarried, multi-racial, and LGBTQIA+ folks as prospective adoptive families and are not affiliated with religious groups.  
Many of the listed organizations offer counseling and referral to pregnant people, as well as ongoing opportunities for education, support, and networking. Resources on our Life Resources page may also be of interest.
An informational hub for options, resources, and support around adoption, created through a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families and the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. WiAdopt is affirming of LGBTQIA+ people and unmarried people, but the majority of adoption organizations in Wisconsin is not. Please note the inclusivity details provided on their statewide organization list. 
Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc.
Offices in Madison, works with pregnant people statewide as well as those outside the state who wish to consider adoptive families in Wisconsin
Person-centering counseling is offered to help pregnant people determine options that are best for them. Callers exploring adoption are not obligated to choose adoption. Prospective adoptive parents are required to agree to some form of open adoption, but  if a birth parent does not want ongoing contact (a closed adoption) , that choice will be honored.


Adoption Connection
Office in San Francisco, works with pregnant people in all states  

Welcomes couples and individuals of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Adoptions Together
Offices in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, works with pregnant people in all states 
Builds family connections for every child and advocates for continuous improvement of systems that promote the well being of children.
Choice Network
Office in Ohio, works with many states, including Wisconsin  
Helps make connections between families placing a baby for adoption and families wishing to adopt.
Friends in Adoption
Offices in New York and Vermont, works with people in all States  
Helps to empower individuals and families to make informed decisions around adoption.
Open Adoption & Family Services
Offices in Oregon and Washington, works with people in all States
A pro-choice agency with fully open adoptions that include ongoing visits and lifelong services.
Pact: An Adoption Alliance
Offices in California, works with people in all States  
Places children of color and recruits adoptive families who seek to adopt children of color as their first choice.


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