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We are doctors, midwives, doulas, educators, and activists committed to strengthening

our communities and world through offering support for all pregnant people.

We support you as the authority over your body and life.

We are people who have been pregnant and people who have never been pregnant,

people who have birthed children and people who have not, people who have had

abortions and people who have not, people who have lost pregnancies,

and people who have lost children.

Our diverse backgrounds and identities include young adults to elders,

people with BadgerCare, people with private insurance, people who are uninsured, 

people who have different abilities, people raising children with different abilities, people who

are single-parenting and who are co-parenting, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, and people

who come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds, including none at all.

We are not yet as diverse as our state but are committed to a process of representing

the full range of identities among pregnant people in Wisconsin.



We work to center pregnant people most affected by obstacles to healthcare. 

This collaboration is a volunteer labor of life and love.

You are welcome here.



How can we support you?

The full spectrum of pregnancy options remains available in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic!


"There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, when Black trans and non-binary people

are marginalized, and when Black parents cannot raise their children in peace and free from fear."



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