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If you are in immediate danger or experiencing a medical crisis, call 911!
Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers from midwives and doctors:
Who answers the call line?
A volunteer Wisconsin midwife answers your call. Midwives are licensed medical professionals and are qualified to answer questions and make referrals regarding all things pregnancy. They can support you with safe and accurate information and help connect you to community and state resources. 
The POWERS call line and website have no affiliation with commercial, political, or religious groups.

What happens when I call?
A midwife will answer the line with their first name and the words: "How can I support you?" You do not have to give your real name, and your phone number and any message you leave will be deleted on the day of the call, unless you request further contact. Midwives are required by law to practice strict confidentiality.  
If call-line midwives are busy when you call, we invite you to try again a few minutes later. Or you can leave us a message with call-back instructions that include anything we should know to protect your confidentiality (best time of day to call, is it ok to leave a message, etc.). 
Can anybody else find out that I am calling you/called you? How can I delete this website from my device? 
When you call, you do not have to give your name.  We delete your phone number and any voice messages on the day of the call, unless you request further contact.  Remember, our phone number will be stored in your cell phone, so it must be deleted from your call history. For an iPhone, follow these instructions; for an Android, follow these instructions.  To delete this website from your web browser history, follow these instructions. If you share a call plan with your family or another person, our number may be visible in an account history.
I just found out my partner is pregnant.  Can partners of pregnant people call the line too?
Yes.  Partners, family, and support people are welcome to call the line. Please know we have a strict policy of not sharing any information regarding your or another person's call. We work to protect the autonomy and decision-making of the person who is pregnant. 


How can we support you?

The full spectrum of pregnancy options remains available in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic!


"There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, when Black trans and non-binary people

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