Abortion Resources 


Options may not feel like options, if you do not have the resources to access and
support those options. On this page, we list reproductive health, economic, social, religious, and justice partners that can help you access abortion counseling, healthcare, and assistance. Resources listed on our Life Resources page also may be of interest.

Health clinics that offer abortion care in Wisconsin

Affiliated Medical Services, Milwaukee

Only clinic that offers abortion after 20 weeks

Madison East Planned Parenthood

Milwaukee-Water Street Health Center, Planned Parenthood

Sheboygan Health Center, Planned Parenthood

Pill abortion only

Healthcare centers that offer abortion in bordering states

If you live in northern, western, or southern WI, consider options in more abortion-friendly states.


(waiting period, but first visit can be by phone)

Robbinsdale Clinic


St Paul Health Center, Vandalia - Planned Parenthood

St Paul

WE Health Clinic


Whole Women's Health

Twin Cities


(no waiting period)

American Women's Medical Center


Des Plaines

Family Planning Associates, Chicago

Illinois Abortion Surgical and Medical Centers

Wood Dale

Downers Grove


Glen Ellyn

Planned Parenthood of Illinois 




Abortion Doulas

POWERS Community Doulas

POWERS Community Doulas network is an unlisted group of full-spectrum and abortion doulas who live all around the state and just across the border. They can be reached through our 24-hour call line. Doulas are available to listen and support, as well as to assist you physically and logistically when and where possible. The POWERS Community Doulas network is free or on a sliding scale basis at this time, due to financial and other access burdens that discriminate specifically against people seeking abortion healthcare in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Resources
Freedom Fund
For residents of North Central and Northeast WI only. If you cannot afford the full cost of an abortion, the Freedom Fund may be able to help you. Please call and leave a message - a Freedom Fund volunteer will call you back within 36 hours. Payments are made directly to the clinic.
Options Fund
For residents of Northwest WI only. If you cannot afford the full cost of an abortion, the Options Fund may be able to help you. Please call and leave a message - an Options Fund volunteer will call you back within 36 hours. Payments are made directly to the clinic.
Women's Medical Fund of Wisconsin
For all Wisconsin residents who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. At your first clinic appointment, please ask clinic staff to refer you to financial resources. Women's Medical Fund payments are made directly to the clinic.
National Resources
Abortion On Our Own Terms
Offers national and international information and resources for self-managed abortion.
Advocates for Youth - Judicial Bypass Procedure
Works alongside young people fighting for sexual health, rights, and justice, including access to abortion care.
All-Options National Talkline
Welcomes people of all ages, genders, races, sexualities, backgrounds, religious affiliations, and political leanings who need to talk about their pregnancy experience, including after abortion; welcomes also partners, parents, friends, and loved ones.
Exhale After-Abortion Talkline
Offers emotional support, resources and information in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Bosnian.
Works to help every person feel confident and at peace with their pregnancy decisions; believes the power to make personal decisions is given by God.
Answers questions about your legal status and rights around self-managed abortion.
Indigenous Women Rising
Helps indigenous and native women, including Wisconsin tribal members, pay for costs of abortion access.
In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda
Works to further abortion rights, contraceptive equity, comprehensive sex education, and reproductive justice defined as the human right to control our sexuality, gender, work, and reproduction.
Midwest Access Coalition 
Helps people in the Midwest pay for practical costs around abortion, including travel, lodging, food, medicine, and support.  
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum
Works to promote three policy areas: reproductive health and rights, economic justice, and immigrant rights.
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
Works to promote three program areas: abortion access and affordability, sexual and reproductive health equity, immigrant women's health and rights.
National Network of Abortion Funds
Works with abortion funds across the nation to remove financial, logistical, and cultural barriers to abortion.
Plan C Pills
Offers national and international research and information about self-managed abortion and abortion pill sources.
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Works to support person-centered decision-making in consultation with loved ones, trusted medical professionals, and a person's faith; includes Protestant, Catholic, Unitarian Universalist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist perspectives.
Works to ensure self-managed abortion in the U.S. is medically and legally as safe as possible; link includes an easy pregnancy dating calculator.


How can we support you?

The full spectrum of pregnancy options remains available in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic!


"There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, when Black trans and non-binary people

are marginalized, and when Black parents cannot raise their children in peace and free from fear."



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